Autovei and Mercedes are technological products with a wide usage area developed to perform brain programming and key cading operations in heavy vehicles and canstruction equipment.

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It is technological product with a wide a wide area of use developed to perform brain programming and key coding in autouei Man and Mercedes heavy vehicles and construction machines. Whit this device , fuel , power and performance changes can be made an the brains. Autovei is the latest developed product in this field . Many different devices are used for brain programming in services . With these devices, programming is done via OBD or via the brain. The existing software is read with the devices, then the edited file is laaded again.

   Vei set reads and writes the software in the vehicle brain from the OBD socket in Mercedes brand trucks , buses and tow trucks. With vei set , it is connected to the control unit from OBD or from the desktop . With the autovei brain programming device, you can perform key identification , speed limit change , chip tuning, torque increase , reading , displaying and deleting fault codes , deleting adblue permanent fault codes , brain copying and cloning . İn Man Iveco and Mercedes vehicles. A new feature of the device is VCM brain programming in iveco vehicles. With this device , services can provide much more effective service.

    Since there is no need to open the computer in transactions with Autovei truck Explorer , the worranty period is also not affected , with the device , you can generate key codes for trucks and tow trucks and encode new keys to vehicles . Whit is superior features , the device is more than worth the price . Our Professional techinal team provides after- sales installation , installation and technical support services . In addition , our technical support and uptade service is free for one year . We provide solutions to all kinds of problems of our customers with distance education support. You can learn all kinds of information and price information about the most comprehensive brain programming device by contacting our company . In addition the technical specifications of the device can be found on our website. The product gvaranteed for one year.

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