Man Orıgınal Fault Detectıon Devıce T-200

It is the new generation fault detection device of the Man . Man T200 supports truck , bus and oll other heavy vehicles . With the original Man CATS 11 software , it can perform many operations such as identification , reading and deleting fault mem

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Man original fault detection device is the new generation device of T200 Man.

    Man T200 supports truck , bus and all other heavy vehicles. With original MAN CATS 2 software , works with many features such as defining control unit , reading and deleting fault memary , activator test ( starting systems by command ), displaying measurement values ( sensor signals pressures , flows , voltages , speed , etc. ) system information and electronic diagrams.

    Man T200 supports both old generation vehicles and new genaration vehicles. It Works on all old protocols and CANBUS infrastructure.  



German , English , French , Spanish , Italian , Norvegian , Finnish , Portuguese , Danish , Dutch , Polish  Russian ,Cration , Turkish , Romanian , Greek , Czeeh , Swedish , Hungarian , Slovenian , Chinese , Karean , Bulgarian.



Electronically contralled air suspension  ( ECAS )

Engine regulation (EDC)

Electronic braking system (EBS)



air conditioning systems

Central computer

Door module




T200 communication interface

OBD2 cable

Usb cable

16 pin obd cable

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